Designing and Building with Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Between the final architectural draft and the planning methodology there are numerous dependencies, especially when all planning parties are involved. A concurrent consideration of all aspects of forever more complex construction projects with diverse requirements is becoming more difficult and the previous tools are no longer able to offer a complete answer. Planning in the Building Information Modelling mode seems to provide the right answer.

For a long time already we have dedicate ourselves to this topic and have been working on various projects after acquiring relevant software. We had to recognise that this alternative method of working brought along challenges that were to be expected and some that were not expected.
In our construction planning business we are happy with the experience we have made so far which we consider auspicious and promising.

We are very well equipped to use BIM for planning purposes which gives us far more in all project phases than the long since established 3D planning. We are proponents and supporters of this integrating and new method of working.