Arabic Luxury Residential

Luxury residential homes between traditional and modern design

Transporting and reinterpreting traditional architecture into contemporary times and terms are substantial challenges for the design of demanding luxury private villas. Such a project can present the architect with a great deal of creative freedom. However, the individual wishes and requirements of the future inhabitants of the building are always central to all ideas.

Attentive listening, already from the very beginning, and the putting yourself into the position of the future inhabitants go hand in hand with the creativity, architectural sophistication and specialised expertise. Only then can a unique building be constructed fitted to the unique persons that will inhabit it. Exclusive architecture always powerfully reflects the personality and character of the owners.

Owners and architects should never discard a high-quality realisation of their work. It forms the central part of everything that allows the poetry, the refinement and the sensuousness of the concept to transform into material and materiality. Light and illumination play a most important role when it comes to emphasising split interiors or enhancing the impact of the harmoniously proportioned exterior of such a building. The flowing transition from the inside to the out stylishly contributes to the building, fitting itself into its surroundings and, at the same time, in contrast, forming part of it.

Today, together with aesthetic architectural aspects of building, housing technology and environmental questions also play prominent role. The best solutions in these modern times develop when the architect and engineers involved in all disciplines closely collaborate.

At ProfessorPfeiferandPartner, German Architecture Engineering Project Management in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) exactly this happens, right from the very beginning of the conceptual design as all aspects of communication are already integrated into the company’s working structure.

Added to the century-long tradition of building, new and improved planning and construction methods appear. Also building aesthetics and sense of beauty express the spirit of a modern time. In contrast, regional tradition in building creates a bond with the past like no other discipline. Hence architecture and the urban environment always retain and contribute an ongoing storyline of the past together with real life history.

Image – Smartly designed for lightness